Wait -- what? Aren't ghostwriters the folks you hire to write your speech, presentation or book? Hire a ghostwriter to pen those nerve-wracking conversations? Well...sure!

Think about it. When you initiate a delicate conversation you run the risk of provoking emotional responses that could lead to dire consequences. 

The Diplomatic Scribe understands that the purpose of such "high-risk" communication must be carefully explained. We'll compose deliberate, yet tactful messages that are not likely to be misunderstood. Stepping into your shoes, we'll articulate the message in the manner in which you intended.

 The Receiver is Someone You Can't Afford to Offend or Have Misunderstand

 It's Important to Your Career, Reputation or Relationship

 When You Can't Afford For Them To Misunderstand

The Diplomatic Scribe

​Melzetta has the extraordinary ability to take information gathered from the client interview and translate it into a written product that accurately portrays her client's point of view. Her range of ability is so broad that I'd recommend her to anyone in any industry.
 R.K., Business Development Consultant


An Extraordinary Service Led By Melzetta Williams, J.D.

Saying No
Delivering Bad News
Breaking Up

Presenting Performance Reviews
Asking for a Raise
Sharing Your Accomplishments or Ideas

Asking for What You Need

We Ghostwrite Scripts for Delivering Bad News, Saying No, and Speaking Up for Yourself When Others Really Don't Want to Hear It


You open your mouth and they act as if something stupid came out 
​Your words, as written, don't mean what you want them to mean

        You believe you're communicating, but they still don't "get it"

What Makes  Communication High Risk?

Consider ...

Your script will sound  just like you.  The most diplomatic and intentional, you. Melzetta's approach involves empathy, caution and creativity. 

Non-judgmental and Empathetic. We don't judge what you have to say; we just help you say it better. Melzetta practiced law for several years and was never the kick 'em while they're down type. She learned to deliver hard-to-hear information with sensitivity and will apply this approach to your communication as well.

Cautious. You'll benefit from her experience communicating with some of the most high-risk recipients: legal clients, opposing lawyers and judges. Lawyers are careful what they say and how they say it, so she'll work to avoid misunderstanding.  

Confidential advisor. She will keep your private information private. You'll get the same ethically sound written confidentiality guarantee she provides her legal clients. 

Creative. You'll come out ahead with The Diplomatic Scribe methodology, developed from years of experience in the communications and marketing writing fields. Melzetta is an award-winning trainer, and a copywriter seasoned in crafting "copy that sells". With hundreds of communications seminars under her belt, she has helped clients with such challenging issues as telling an employee he has body odor, requesting late payments from important clients, and asking a spouse to support you more.

Employer, Client or Prospect
Sensitive Employee
​Spouse or Partner
Close Friends