We believe that high-risk communication should meet three criteria:

1) Diplomatic (tactful)

2) Purposeful (not wishy-washy)

3) Personality-driven (composed with both parties communication styles in mind). 

This kind of work cannot be performed in a vacuum.

To that end, we prefer working with clients who are not counting pennies as they pursue diplomatic methods of delivering these messages. We will provide a written confidentiality guarantee for each assignment.


Consulting Principles

How do you work, exactly?

1. Discuss Project: Contact us using the form on the Contact Page. Someone will contact you to schedule a time to discuss your project.

2. Conduct Needs Analysis: If we decide to work together, and after we agree on terms, someone from The Diplomatic Scribe team will forward to you a questionnaire. This document is pretty comprehensive as we'll need to know everything about the subject matter, communication personality (and that of your counterpart) and your desired outcome. 

3. Deliver Script: We will deliver your script on the agreed upon date granting you the opportunity to ask questions and request revisions. 

4. Discuss Your Presentation and Delivery: Once we deliver your script, we'll assist you with delivering your message effectively. You don't have to memorize the script word for word, but quite honestly, we write it as if you will. Remember, we are creating a script for a conversation (written or verbal). Thus we write in the style of a conversation.

How can you "script" a whole conversation without knowing what the other person will say?

The answers you provide in your questionnaire play in here as well as our own experience analyzing tough conversations. We will assess your counterpart's goals, their feelings about you, and the subject matter. From there we will come up with several ways you can respond to their questions, feedback and arguments.  

My personality differs greatly from that of the other party. How would you craft a message that'll ensure they "get it" without me sounding like someone I'm not?

You'd be surprised how just one or two small changes can do the trick. Let's say you're an Analytical Personality charged with delivering bad news to your Type-A boss. We would write in concise statements -- almost bullet points -- to meet your boss's "bottom line" criteria. 

If you're a straight-shooter, but the other party is sensitive, you may provide a brief statement of appreciation, say please, or just say more.

Speaking of saying more, I, Melzetta, once recommended that a busy middle manager add just three additional words to her blunt "Yes" "No" or "OK" email replies. Her subordinates viewed her one-word responses at best to be sort of a let-down as they spent a lot of time on their outgoing messages -- she's the boss after all! At worse, they viewed her blunt replies as condescending or self-important. 

Again, just adding three words can make a difference -- "Yes, that's exactly right." Or, "No, but thank you."  

As we mentioned earlier, we will spend some time examining your personality and what you know of the receiver or audience. 

How much do your charge?

Prices start at $850 and can go as high as $25,000 (with limited exceptions). Some of these charges include package deals with multiple products and services, including consulting. I can arrange retainer packages for your convenience as well.

I may need you right away! How will you handle that?

I understand that some conversations will require quicker turn-around time. Rush Projects (for example those due within 24 hours) may cost more, however, and I only take on those projects if my schedule permits. Visit my Contact Page and write in the Message Box: Need Quick Turn-around.

 Frequently Asked Questions About How We Work

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